We agree that fundamental change is needed, called for, and difficult. In the twelve years since the birth of Action Horizons there have been scores of moments that started out like this one. Before the murder of George Floyd there were hashtag after hashtag that caused a public outcry and then faded away. We agree we need change and vow to be part of it.

Within this dreadful moment there is hope. People are talking to one another about things that should have been talked about for centuries. Centuries! But this one feels different. We hope this will not fade away. We hope each and every one of us listens. We hope everyone understands that no part of Black Lives Matter excludes any other group of people. We agree.

We must not relent. We must change a system that is just patently unfair to whole groups of Americans. We’re not sure who first asked these questions; If not us, then who? And If not now, then when? … but we agree.

Action Horizons: Ken Clark, Pat Millicano, Peter Nelson, Mark Vanselow