Jet and Water Ski Career Opportunities Around the World

Action Horizons (AH), the industry leader in live action stunts in film, television and live entertainment seeks to meet and greet competitors while scouting for talent at the International Jet Sports Boating Association (IJBSA) World Cup.

AH seeks to recruit talent for the award-winning “WaterWorld: A Live Sea War Spectacular” stunt show. Celebrating its 25th anniversary, the show allures audiences into a thrilling post-apocalyptic battle in a water-filled world. The show secured global success through decades of captivating audiences. Venues include Universal Studios Hollywood, Osaka, Singapore, and the newly opened Universal Beijing Resort. Water and Jet skiers (Smokers) are flung into action throughout the show as they battle to find passage to dryland.

The show’s success is driven, in no small measure, by its stunt performers and watercraft talent, so the World Cup is an opportune event for AH. The Operations Director at Action Horizons put it this way, “Jet and water skiers work with AH all over the world, so we’re hoping to match those career opportunities with competitors that we meet at the IJBSA World Cup. As the show expands around the world, so do opportunities for competitors that seek to extend their careers.”

Members of this demographic can look forward to a competitive job opportunity with AH. Emily Reeves, Global Creative Director for AH, adds, “The benefits would be paid travel to the country that they are cast in, paid housing, per diem, health insurance, and competitive salary with the added benefits of being able to travel and experience another part of the world.”

Action Horizons is a company founded and operated by four professional stuntmen; Ken Clark, Mark Vanselow, Peter Nelson, and Pat Millicano, who search the globe for jet and water skiers that share a passion for action and the special skills required for this unique life. “As a professional stunt company, we’re proud that jet skiing is a dynamic part of the WaterWorld show and we’re constantly looking for world class talent. We hope for an exciting and safe competition.” – Pat Milicano.

Competitors are urged to seek out the Action Horizons booth where they’ll get the opportunity to meet AH Cast Members and Jet Ski legend, Larry Rippenkroeger. Larry is the writer / producer / director of the Hot Water Movie @hotwatermovie, an award winning accomplished professional stuntman, the Godfather of freestyle jet skiing, a stunt performer in the original WaterWorld movie, and the original Mariner at Hollywood’s WaterWorld stunt show.

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