​Our Hollywood, Osaka and Orlando Stunt Teams took on the quarantine virtual fight challenge first introduced by A French school for stunt performers – thanks CUC team. Our Singapore team really wowed us, so let’s see what the Hollywood team can do:

Stunt Performers:

John Donohue, Hideo Ninomiya, BrockMarkham, Krystle Martin, Mike Ferragamo, Cy Mirasol, Joe Santos, Woody Hieb, Dianna Castronuovo, Michael Sawyer, Brett Schaberg, Kyle Kolar, Timothy Flood, Will Pritz, Troy Roker, Tanner Vanbebber, Nathan Hedrick, Nathan Spare, Michelle Andrews, Jonathan Castile, Karim Phelps, Fernando Jay Huerto, LeRoyal Tutt, Mike DeCamp – Directed and Edited by: Fernando Jay Huerto

From our Action Horizons stunt team in Singapore, here’s our answer to the virtual stunt challenges you’ve seen out there. Audiences today are constantly introduced to digital entertainment, so we hold steadfast to the magic of live performance and the spectacle that breathtaking stunts bring to the stage and screen.

We’re inspired by world-class stunt people and producers, who throw themselves into the action that is our passion.

Cast of stunt performers:
Brandon Ellison, Brianna Ferguson, Christopher Pierce, Connor Leahy, Craig Hallam, Harry Harber, Hayley Fielding, James Wilkinson, Jaxon Hannigan, Jennifer Robbins, Kyle Ellison, Lance Robbins, Nicholas Wilson, Reed Willard, Barton Ellis, Alvin Chan, Erwin Ismail, Hafiz Raffeei, Faizal Razali, Nasri Hashim, James Takada, Don Tan, Daryll D’cotta