We’re looking forward to seeing your skills!  Below each heading is links to material with tricks and skills we need you to film and send back to us through the secure link in your email, based on the specific role we are looking at you for.

Some tips to make your videos the best they can be!

  • Always film with the camera in the landscape position (on its side)
  • Film in good light where we can see you clearly
  • Provide a slate at the start of each tape
  • Always ensure you are performing and recording in a safe environment, and only attempting the tricks you have the skills for.


General Audition





Physical Assessment Audition Video












Physical Assessment Audition Video

Sit Down Jetski Skills Audition Video

Stand Up Jetski Skills Audition Video 







Physical Assessment Audition Video

Durmstrang Audition Video

Fight Sample Audition Video