Larry Rippenkroeger

Larry Rippenkroger first rose to prominence as a world jet ski champion. His skills on the stand up ski landed him a stunt role in the 1995 movie “Waterworld”. “The Ripper” used his first big job to land steady employment at the live action version of Waterworld introduced at Universal Studios Hollywood for the first time in 1996. Larry most often played the lead roll of Mariner.

Larry developed new skills and industry contacts at the Waterworld show, and by the late 1990s quickly established himself as a regular stunt performer in the movies like Dante’s Peak, Titanic, and Deep Rising.

He has since gone on to perform stunts in dozens of well-known movies, and has been a stunt double for Bruce Willis and Robert Duvall.

Larry RIppenkroeger Waterworld Action Horizons Stunts

Performing as the Mariner in the Live Action Waterworld Show (Universal Studios Hollywood)


Larry RIppenkroeger Breaking Bad Action Horizons Stunts

Stunt Doubling Bryan Cranston on the Hit Series Breaking Bad


Larry Rippenkroeger Stunt DOuble Robert Duvall Action Horizons

Stunt Coordinator and Stunt Double for Robert Duvall in A Night in Old Mexico


Larry RIppenkroeger Taurus Award WInner 2014 A Good Day to Die Hard Action Horizons Stunts 2

Larry Takes his turn at the microphone after winning a 2014 Taurus World Stunt Award