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With over 28 years of live action show experience Ken is also a respected stuntman in film and TV. Ken’s stunt resume is as eclectic as it is lengthy from The Hulk and Deadwood to Surrogates and The Sopranos. Ken started his stunt show experience at the iconic Knott’s Berry Farm Western Stunt show and progressed through multiple Universal Studios shows before moving into show management at the WaterWorld show. Ken is also a trained firefighter and rescue specialist, which has been a vital aid in developing our rescue procedures. Ken brings an attention to detail and expertise to the live show world that is highly sought after.


Ken Clark on IMDb (Internet Movie Database)


Ken Clark: Stunt Double for Tom Arnold

Ken Clark Tom Arnold Stunt Double


Ken Clark: Stunt Double for Steve Schirripa. Bobby “Bacala’s” Death on Sopranos 

Ken Clark Booby Bacala death Sopranos


Ken Clark: Stunt Double for Rob Riggle

Ken Clark Rob Riggle Stunt Double