Big Time Performers

Heres a list of a few our all-star Waterworld performers who have broken through to film and TV.

Click on individual names for IMDb link.


Mark Vanselow – 2008 World Taurus award “Specialty Stunt” Seraphim Falls, stunt double for Liam Neeson, Live Free or Die Hard, Pirates of the Caribbean. Mark is one of the owners / directors of Action Horizons. Click for his bio.

Mark Vanselow Liam Neeson Taken Stunt Double Action HorizonsMark doubling Liam on the set of “Taken 3”

Ken Clark  – Indiana Jones, Air Force One, Modern Family. Ken is one of the owners / directors of Action Horizons. Click for his bio.

Larry Rippenkroeger – The Matrix, Titanic, Fast & Furious

Larry with Bruce WIllis Good Day to DIe Hard

Larry with Bruce Willis on the set of “A Good Day to Die Hard”. Larry was on a five member team that won the 2014 World Taurus Stunt Award for “Best Work With A Vehicle”. Click for a short bio and more photos.

Mark Wagner – Captain America, Spiderman (wearing the spider suit), The Dark Knight

Dan Mast – stunt double in Mark Wahlberg Transformers, Battleship

Doc Duhame – Django Unchained, Dexter, Thor, longtime stunt double for Gene Hackman

Seth Duhame – Man of Steel. Twilight, Angels & Demons

Zach Duhame – Iron Man, Battle for Los Angeles, Fast & Furious

Tim Sitarz – Star Trek, Captain America, Halloween

Tim Rigby – 300, Speed Racer, Bruce Almighty

Nick Hanneman – Spiderman, Grimm, The Mentalist

Spencer Stone – G.I. Joe (stunt rigger), Sharknado

Simon Potter – Paranormal Activity, Dexter, NCIS

Sheridan Crist -The Well, CSI: NY, Law & Order (actor)

John Donohue – Pirates of the Carribean, G.I. Joe, Son of the Mask

Greg Dolph – Resident Evil, Secondhand Lions

Loren Dennis G.I. Joe, Insidious (stunt rigger), Race to Witch Mountain

Jaye Paul – Lincoln, Gang Related

Rico Burgos – The Hangover, Big Bang Theory, American Horror Story

Trever Love – Dead Mine, Serangoon Road, Ghost Trigger (Trever has been doing stunts internationally on Action Horizons projects)

Vernon Lewis – Thor, The Green Hornet, The A Team