About Us

Action Horizons is a company founded and operated by four professional stuntmen.

Ken Clark, Pat Millicano, Peter Nelson, and Mark Vanselow each bring specific individual strengths to the team. However, all four have a common vision about action and its unique ability to make a good story more dynamic.


The four owners and managing directors of Action Horizons pictured above are:


Over the years the four founders have honed their trade in film, TV and on the live stage. They have stayed abreast of the latest technological advances and while practicing their skills on hundreds of different projects. A quick look at the International Movie Database website will bear out the above claims. However a search of each of the owner’s names does not tell the whole story. These dedicated professionals have brought their expertise to the live show world for a stunning combined 100+ years.


Individually they have numerous World Stunt Taurus award nominations and wins. They have world records in athletic competitions. They have appeared in Emmy and Oscar winning productions.


Together they have produced and operated live action shows that have been viewed by over 100 million people. Together they have produced film/television projects on 4 continents. Together they represent an unparalleled lineup of industry experts and bring the same attention to detail and professionalism to any project they accept.


On this site you will find a sampling of Action Horizons’ job history. This includes film, television and live shows. It is hard to imagine a team that brings more to the table. More importantly if you speak to those who have worked with this team, you will find that their professionalism and ability to deliver equals their knowledge and experience. This fact leads to their company motto…


Action Horizons…Your Partners In Action!